A lot of things have frustrated me lately. Some of them have to do with the current political environment as well as the condition of our natural environment. Sometimes it is hard to walk with eyes open and not to notice the decline of our society. It seems to me that in many ways we have lost the sense of humanity. We work as extensions of machines that we have created, and we are constantly brainwashed to the point that we do not even know what we really want and need anymore. We are detached from the nature and surrounded by technology. I sometimes wonder how long we can sustain this way of life. Educational quality has decreased to the point that there is no real critical thinking and transformation occurring anymore. We learn like machines these days. It sort of feels like garbage in garbage out. Our healthcare system is no different. We look at our bodies as mechanisms and treat them accordingly. We rely extensively on pharmaceutical solutions and fail to understand ourselves as complex organisms. People are more stressed out than ever but yet we fail to understand the mind-body connection. All illnesses are psychosomatic but we only treat the physical aspect and ignore the psychological. In the midst of all this, we seek for religious and spiritual connections when we cannot even face our own existence. Most people do not know how to be fully honest to themselves. They experience existential void and do not feel any real meaning in life. Whatever meaning they do feel is conditioned to them by the society around them. They do what they do because they feel that this is what they are supposed to do. I cannot let myself to fall into this trap. I have to try my best to stay honest to myself. I have to face my human condition, and the world around me, as honestly as I possibly can. When I do this, I feel enormous frustration and almost despair. But what choice do I have?


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