I have been feeling quite frustrated lately for a lot of different reasons. I have been frankly sort of disappointed in the humanity as a whole. I have been faced with a couple of different situations during the past couple of weeks that have angered me. First, a friend of mine called me about a situation at work feeling that she had been betrayed by her manager. She felt used and unappreciated. Second, I was trying to help someone who ended up acting without integrity and breached an agreement. These two situations resonated with me and caused me to reflect on the importance of some basic human values. We all work with other humans and must find ways to collaborate. We should not use people and we should always seek to help people. Nothing is worth doing if it is not done with integrity. As a professor I feel that it is my absolute responsibility to teach about these values in my classroom. I teach MBA courses and feel that managers and leaders have to operate with trust, integrity, and social responsibility. Business is not just about profits and reaching individual goals while stepping over others in a Machiavellian manner. At the end of the day, business is about working together. We work most of our waking lives and what we do becomes who we are. The way we are treated and the way we treat others at work become the foundations of our value systems. We live in a disintegrated world in terms of values and ethics. It is very hard for people to follow their moral compasses these days. We need each other more than ever.


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